Yazidi Survivor, Nadia, pleads for EU to take action against ISIS
Independent MEP Marian Harkin welcomed Nadia Murad Taha, a 21 year old Yazidi survivor of ISIS enslavement, to the European Parliament and commended her bravery and determination in the continued fight against ISIS.

Speaking at an event chaired and hosted by Ms Harkin on the persecution of the Yazidi people and other religious minorities by ISIS, Naida spoke of her horrific ordeal at the hands of her captors, the systematic rape and brutalisation of girls as young as six, the terror and the fear of the Yazidi women, her own failed escape attempt, her inhumane punishment and finally her successful escape and journey to Germany where she now lives.  

Nadia appeared before the UN Security Council in December of last year and since then she has met with many political leaders, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, as well as speaking at the French Assemblée Nationale, the House of Commons in Westminster and will address the German Bundestag to raise awareness about the genocidal actions of ISIS. On foot of her work Nadia has been nominated by the Iraqi government and others for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.  

Nadia is attempting to raise awareness of the plight of the Yazidi people and other religious minorities including the many Christian minorities who have been systematically targeted by ISIS for mass enslavement, forced displacement and extermination.

Speaking at the event, Marian Harkin thanked Nadia for her testimony and also reiterated her support for the campaign to have the persecution of the Yazidi people, Christians and other religious minorities recognised as an ongoing genocide.  “The European Parliament has voted in support of this proposal and we are calling on all EU governments and the United Nations to recognise as genocide these crimes against humanity perpetrated by ISIS.  

"I am writing to President Higgins requesting him to meet Nadia so that we can raise awareness in Ireland. So far it is only Germany who has provided shelter for approximately 1,000 Yazidi women and girls who have managed to flee or escape their enslavement. Irish people need to know the reality of the situation for these persecuted minorities and then perhaps we may find a way to help" Marian Harkin concluded.

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Marian and Nadia pictured at the hearing
Marian and Nadia pictured at the hearing
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